Friday, September 01, 2006

Alternatives to PowerPoint for making presentations on OS X

The best alternative seems to be Apple's Keynote as it is a) cheaper and b) better designed. Microsoft's PowerPoint program has serious issues with PDF files. If you try to paste one into your presentation, it converts it to some other format, and (as an example) you lose any transparency that you might have had in it. Keynote handles PDF's perfectly.

I tried using NeoOffice but it just seemed to require immense amounts of RAM, and was therefore unusable.

I like the idea of a completely different approach like Prosper (LaTeX templates for presentations) or S5 (XHTML, CSS, and Javascript approach), but these script-like schemes completely ignore one of the essential features of a presentation creation program: A simple drawing program. I've got the equation and plot angles covered (LaTeX Equation Editor and the publication-quality R), but a simple drawing program continues to elude me. For now I will stick with Keynote.

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