Saturday, May 09, 2009

In search of the ideal Twitter command-line client

After testing out a bunch of candidates, my new default command-line Twitter client is Twyt. Do not be fooled by the spartan front page. Active development is taking place. It's written in Python and (as of version 0.9.2) has the virtue of offering the following command-line options for the "check stati of friends" command:

-s SINCE, --since=SINCE
The date or ID of a message to list status messages
-P PAGE, --page=PAGE Lists the PAGEth page of status updates
-n COUNT, --count=COUNT
The number of statuses to retrieve (max 200)

Unfortunately, it seems to be suffering from the same malady as other programs: No matter what value I put in for the --since flag, I still get the same 20 stati... The --page flag does work though, and the --count flag is doing something...

However, I also like the twixer client because it has implemented a few commands that I have not found in any other command line program. According to its command line options, it can 1) list your friends, 2) list your followers, 3) show the little information box on a user, and 4) delete stati and direct messages.

Unfortunately (and maybe I am doing something wrong here), but as of version 0.1.1, it will only show the little information box on me, no matter who I put in. But status deletion works great!

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